The Safe Space Trauma Certification is a live, 6-month training program for people who want to take their healing to the next level.

This is for you if:

You’re a coach of any kind (spiritual, life, relationships, health, money) who wants to get their clients lasting results by addressing the REAL problems that are standing in the way

You’re an energy worker, yoga teacher, body worker, or health care provider who wants to understand how to heal trauma at the somatic level

You’re a counselor or mental health professional who wants to open up your wealth of knowledge and support your clients in whatever they’re going through.

This course is certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching for CEU units

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Healing Trauma is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

It's how we create more intimacy, love, pleasure, compassion, and connection to ourselves and those around us.

It's how we stop the perpetual cycles of abuse, violence, and pain that get passed on from generation to generation.

It's how we piece together what's been fragmented and fully embrace our power.

— it’s also one messy minefield. A single wrong step and you’ve accidentally retraumatized yourself or the client you were desperately trying to help. You were only trying to take the pain away, not make it worse. But trauma works in layers, and those wounds hurt when you poke them.

It’s dangerous to go deep into someone’s psyche if you’re not confident in what you’re doing. There are chaotic emotions to deal with, excruciating memories buried beneath the surface, and moments nobody wants to relive.

As healers and coaches, it’s our DUTY to develop the skillsets and tools to do trauma work with integrity. To support our clients without causing more damage. And to safely go deep enough to address the real root problems and heal them at their core.

Hi, I'm Melissa.

I’ve devoted the past 15 years to studying trauma as a licensed psychotherapist, coach and energy healer. What have I noticed? An epidemic of people spiritually bypassing or retraumatizing their clients because they haven’t been thoroughly trained in how to do trauma work.

These are smart, incredible individuals with the best of intentions who just want to see their clients overcome the trauma and pain that are holding them back — but they just don’t know how. They feel nervous and unsure about what to do. Prescribe affirmations? Burn some sage? Offer tough love? Listen without saying anything? How can you be sure that what you’re doing is actually getting your clients results — and what’s making it worse?

  • Help your clients fully heal their family, sexuality or generational traumas without feeling nervous?

  • Hold space for whatever may emerge without feeling like you have no clue where to go or how to move them through any deep emotional pain?

  • Create lasting, sustainable results for your clients because you have a purse full of tools and techniques for safely healing trauma?




What Will you Learn? The Safe Space Curriculum Overivew:

Extensive Trauma Education

The Brain Stress and Trauma
Learn how trauma and stress effect brain functioning and what that does to the whole body

Attachment & Family Trauma
Discover attachment theory and how trauma affects attachment and bonding in families. We review attachment styles across cultural contexts, and how family dynamics and attachment intersect. We also discuss how attachment styles manifest behaviorally, mentally, and socially in relationships with others. 

Religious & Institutional Trauma
Better understand the impacts, symptoms and obstacles in supporting clients with religious or institutional Trauma

Racial Trauma
Learn more about how white privilege perpetuates trauma and how to be more culturally sensitive in your practice

Somatic Psychology + Trauma Healing
Learn why you need to use methods for the body & brain (the felt sense) for Trauma Healing

Grief and Loss
No one escapes the grips of grief and it can create ripples of trauma if not addressed. Better understand and learn how to support clients dealing with grief

Family of Origin & Differentiation
Learn about family of origin, differentiation, and the landscape of family trauma. Understand why family of origin is relevant to how we show up as coaches. This helps you look at key family dynamics that drew you to working with trauma populations, and how to recognize your blind spots with clients. 

Did you know trauma has a direct impact on your physical wellbeing. Discover the impact and how to support clients who are having physical symptoms

Intro to Psychoaromatherapy
Learn how natural and safe remedies can support emotional wellbeing

Sexual Trauma
Understand how sexual trauma can impact ones life and the sign and symptoms that unfold because of it

Creating Safety & Space in Your Practice

Container & Space Holding
We'll cover topics such as holding space vs. merging with the experience, closing up a session responsibly, empathy practices and understanding triggers, plus more!

Trauma, Boundaries and Authenticity
Discover how trauma impacts your ability to have heathy boundaries and be comfortable in your authentic self

Emotional Validation and Attunement 
Learn how to use compassion and empathy during client sessions for genuine rapport building and safety

Sacred Inclusion
Learn how to have a more inclusive practice and how to teach clients the traits of inclusivity

The Method & Altered States of Consciousness

The Safe Space Healing Method 
Address healing from the root with cutting edge methods and support your clients in a safe, healing container

Transforming Fear in The Body
Fear is one of the most paralyzing thing to feel in the body. Learn to support your clients have embodied empowerment over fear and learn to feel safe in their body

Altered states of consciousness
How to use Altered States effectively in your healing work

Inner Child Work
How to work with your parts in a healthy, loving way

Additional Support

Practice Calls and Practicum Hours
You will experience bi-weekly 2 hour Practice Calls with Melissa that count towards your 50 hours of Certification Requirements

Private Facebook Group
For personalized support, accountability, co-regulation and feedback

Resource Center 
You'll receive access to PDFs, exercises, Guided Journeys, and various practices you can use with yourself and your clients

*breathes in deeply* Melissa, I was born for this!

Safe Space-Holding Guest Teachers


Download the SafeSpace Facilitators PDF Here


Yes, I've been looking for a safe space to heal,

and I want to hold space for others to do the same!

Lauren Megan, Embodiment and Leadership Coach


Dawn Davis Beall, Soul Mission Leadership Coach


Feeling a "yes" in your body, but your brain has a few more questions? Here are your answers:

Q: When does the program start?

A: We kick things off as a group in August 2020, and the container comes to a close 6 months later.  Please note: It’s ok if you miss a call here and there. We record everything, and you’ll be able to sit down and tune in to those recordings on your own time.

Q: I’m not a coach or healer. Can I still take the Safe Space Trauma Certification?

A: Yes, my love. We all have wounds in our heart that must be healed for the betterment of our planet. Whether you choose to share this work with others later, or you simply want to take this program for yourself, there’s a place inside The Safe Space Trauma Certification program waiting for you.

Q: How much time do I need to set aside to get the most out of this certification?

A: Open up between 3 to 5 hours each week for your reading, homework and class time. Remember, you’re unraveling decades’ worth of trauma inside this container — while being taught how to do the same for others. This is not a process you want to rush.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Choose the best option for you below. Because healing trauma is my life’s work, I wanted to make sure Safe Space was accessible for everyone who needs it. That’s why you’ll see 3 different payment options available to you.

 The Safe Space Trauma Certification doors are now CLOSED, please join our waitlist.

This is your chance to take a stand for safety and integrity for trauma surviors. (That's all of us.)

Hear from some of our students!

"I don't have enough words to describe the power of this certification program.
I really believe we're entering an age where NOT being trauma-informed as an individual of any kind, let alone as a coach, is simply not an option.
We're at a time in history where sooo much unresolved trauma is bubbling up to the surface, and I believe WE are the generation being called to hold safe space for others to heal their trauma because we're continuing to heal ours as well. Personally, I think it's dangerous for coaches + healers to NOT learn how to hold safe space for trauma when it comes up in client sessions.
Inside this program with Melissa and the other incredible teachers/ practitioners, we've been able to get our hands dirty and actually PRACTICE working with trauma.
We've gotten to not only recognize + continue healing our OWN trauma [which is sooo important as leaders so we don't project that onto others - DO NOT SKIP THIS PART], but we've also gotten to learn the ins + outs of trauma healing of ALL kinds and how to navigate MANY different scenarios that could potentially come up in session with a client.
Melissa prioritizes SAFETY, empathy, emotional validation, and a CLIENT-LED process which is so key in this work. I can't say enough amazing things about this program and the depth of knowledge that Melissa & her team bring to this certification. I feel so equipped and so ready to work with my clients on a deeper level than ever before, so they can heal at the ROOT and really learn how to hold themselves in whatever comes up.
THIS PROGRAM IS WORTH EVERY FREAKING PENNY. I've never been a part of a more intensive, hands-on, and safe certification program in my 6 years as a Coach. I'll forever be so grateful for all I've uncovered and learned, and will continue to learn. ❤"
-Olivia Seline, Sexuality Coach

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