If you work with human beings on their healing, development or transformation in any capacity, this is essential, responsible learning.

The biggest mistake I see talented coaches, healers, experts and leaders make...


Is believing that you don’t need to understand trauma and mental health in order to facilitate real, lasting change for your clients and communities and be a truly impactful leader.

But, if you want to be a responsible facilitator or coach and support other human beings to sustainable transformation in any way, having client-centric methods to hold space for someone in their deepest emotions is an absolute non-negotiable.

The last thing you want is to create unintentional codependent relationships with your clients or, even worse, retraumatize a client or yourself when all you are trying to do is help. You need to have a safe foundation to build a business where you will impact lives and lead with integrity.


You and your clients deserve more.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is the healing of trauma in yourself and others 


Trauma is probably one of the most overused yet misunderstood words in our communities. You don’t need to be working with clients specifically on their mental health in order to have a run-in with deep emotional blocks and those blocks may not always be obvious, big, gaping wounds.

 Many of the things that hold us back in our day-to-day lives (and businesses) are a result of smaller, repeated traumatic events that happen over the course of a lifetime. This kind of trauma can be hard to spot and even harder to heal, and is very often what holds a person back from achieving what they truly desire in all areas of their lives. 

Stepping into the role of a trauma-informed leader, coach or healer is the safest foundation to build your business authentically. This is how you grow a community that feels safe, that can trust you and that knows you have done the real work.


This is why it is essential to be trauma-informed - for yourself and your communities - if you want to be a responsible, impactful, transformational leader.


Healing trauma impacts every area of your life

Who am I to talk about this kind of work?


For those of you who don’t yet know me, I’m Melissa Lapides, founder of Safe Trauma Healing, and creator of the SafeSpace™ Facilitation program. I have spent the last 15 years studying trauma as a licensed psychotherapist, coach and energy healer. And I now work with some of the most talented coaches, healers, facilitators, and thought leaders in the world in helping them to fully understand the impact of trauma in their work and how to safely execute it within themselves and their clients. This is everything you need to know to facilitate real, substantial, lasting transformation for your clients and communities.


I’m on a mission to change the epidemic of well-meaning leaders unknowingly causing damage because they haven’t been trained in how to do trauma work

Lauren, an Embodiment Coach, said that by her being able to do the work on herself, it allowed her to hold her clients in a potent and powerful container


Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You don’t feel empowered in the way you’d like to truly hold space for your own and client transformations and deep healing

  • You’re tired of using old-school, fear-based marketing and sales tactics to fill your practice and you know there’s a better way to grow

  • You know and understand trauma, but aren’t sure how to work safely to release it without further harming yourself or your clients

  • You are a coach, healer, expert or leader and you want to know how to be the most impactful you can be in your work with others

  • You’d like to know how to access and feel deep safety in your own body when things get challenging in your business

  • You’d like the methods and tools to be able to navigate challenging situations or conversations with your clients and communities

  • You know you do great work, and you want to further increase your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome for good

  • You want to be able to protect yourself, your practice and your clients as your business grows

  • You know you are capable of feeling more joy, ease and connection in your life and business and you’re ready to uncover your own subconscious blocks

  • You are driven by the impact that you have in your work and you want to know how to facilitate true, deep, sustainable transformation


Then, I’m so glad you’re here.



A completely unique, experiential, supportive and safe space where transformational leaders come to learn how to heal their own trauma and work with others through their own healing safely

SafeSpace™ Facilitation is intentionally divided into two individual containers in order to maximize your experience and the effectiveness of the learning and implementation. Once you do the work, you become a certified Safespace™ Facilitator.

PART 1 (12 weeks) : FOUNDATIONS:

The first container and piece of our work together is designed to be a completely safe space to learn all about your own healing, this is where you start to understand your own subconscious blocks and the ways trauma has impacted your growth in order to feel deeply connected to your body and safe within yourself and have the capacity to manage your internal emotional experience without overwhelm. 


PART 2 (12 weeks) : FACILITATION:

In Facilitation you’re learning all of the knowledge, tools, methodologies and techniques you need in order to work safely with trauma in others in order to create true, sustainable transformations that go way beyond mindset shifts and actually address your clients and communities challenges at the root.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you join us


12 weeks practicing and embodying our signature SAFE™ Methodology: 

Value priceless!

Everything you need to address your own healing from the root with cutting edge methods and support to work through your own trauma in a safe, healing container.


12 weeks going deep into working with trauma in others: 

Value priceless!

Holding safe communities, learning how to be present with your clients in their deepest emotions and know exactly what to do safely, the tools and methodologies to help others heal their own blocks and the root. 


Become a certified SafeSpace™ Facilitator

Value priceless!

This is how you build a reputable, authentic practice and grow your business and communities through referral after referral through coaching and marketing the right way. No more fear-based tactics, guilt-tripping or shaming clients. Know that the work you do (and messages you put out) are client-centered and safe, and your clients know it, too.


Didactic work (pairings of two) and vignettes:

Value priceless!

With your new knowledge we will give you mock situations to work through in your pairings where you will be supervised by a mental health professional, so you can go out to do your work confidently.


Forever access to our online learning resource center:

Value priceless!

Forever guides to your own and client transformation and deep healing, exercises, journeys, and various other practices you can use with yourself and with your clients. 


Live practicum and processing calls 3x / month:

Value $20,000!

Live calls with licensed practitioners to have all of your questions answered, be held in a safe space for your own healing, practice the SAFE™ method, have supervised practice and be thorough in the implementation of this work.


Live community calls 1x / month:

Value $5000!

Live calls with the other powerful, transformational leaders walking alongside you in this journey where you can hold space for each other, share ideas, learn and support each other.


Private Facebook group:

Value priceless!

Have your questions answered between sessions, receive feedback, accountability, co-regulation and support.


Mandy, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, wanted to marry the information she had about nutritional healing and use trauma work to support her clients as she found her clients nutritional and nourishing work went hand in hand with the trauma they hold in their bodies

Martina came to SafeSpace™ after having an uncomfortable sales experience that woke her up and wanted to look at the layers in her own self and have someone model safety as she grew her business and the safety she can provide for her communities.


Your Investment

This is not just another course or program, this is a lifetime's worth of deeply transformative work that will support you, your clients and your business as you grow. This will not only change the impact you are able to have with your work, but it will change the way you feel, live and show up in every area of your life. It will change the way your business operates and give you a safe foundation from which to expand into the greatest version of yourself. You will be experiencing the benefits of this work for the rest of your life.


This course is life changing. To put it simply, I firmly believe everyone on the planet needs to learn about trauma and how to heal it within themselves.

At the beginning of the course I was in extreme struggle mode with my toddler who I felt like I was constantly struggling with, unable to handle his lengthy and intense tantrums, I was beyond frustrated and was making it worse in the ways I was handling his emotions.

This course changed the way I parent, I am able to show up for him with less conflict (not just with him, but within myself) and as I'm learning to regulate my own emotions - so is he. Beautifully enough, even my husband has picked up on the changes I've made and has adjusted the way he parents as well.


Not only that, but I realized that my career has needed a shift and I have felt safe enough (something I've deeply learned to create for myself in this course) to make the big changes I need even though I have no idea if it'll work out or not.

I feel confident and calm in the face of debt and career change which I never would've been able to before.

Finally, I got pregnant at the beginning of the course and now I feel even more prepared mentally and emotionally for my postpartum experience because I know how to hold myself in my emotions and regulate my nervous system.

Do yourself a favor, do your family and friends a favor, do the world a favor, and enroll in this course.

Jenna learned the missing piece for her business and saw massive transformation in herself and her clients


Courtney, holistic anxiety coach, had done many programs, self-development and healing before joining Facilitation but still felt like something was missing. Here’s what she had to say about her experience inside Facilitation and how it has impacted her practice:


If you’re all the way down here, maybe you still have questions…


Q: When are the calls?

A: We will have our calls on Monday's at 1pm PST to accommodate for multiple different time zones.  If this is something you cannot attend, please email us at [email protected] to discuss an alternative way to graduate this program.


Q: When does the program start?

A: We kick things off as a group in September 2021, and the container comes to a close 6 months later.  Please note: It’s ok if you miss a call here and there. We record everything, and you’ll be able to sit down and tune in to those recordings on your own time.  We DO ask that you attend majority of the calls during Facilitation as we practice the method in breakout rooms and this supervision is very valuable and necessary for your designation of being a SafeSpace™ Facilitator.


Q: I’m not a coach or healer. Can I still take this Program?

A: Yes, my love. We all have wounds in our heart that must be healed for the betterment of our planet. Whether you choose to share this work with others later, or you simply want to take this program for yourself, there’s a place inside The SafeSpace™ Facilitation program waiting for you.


Q: How much time do I need to set aside to get the most out of this program?

A: Open up between 3 to 5 hours each week for your reading, homework and class time. Remember, you’re unraveling decades’ worth of trauma inside this container — while being taught how to do the same for others. This is not a process you want to rush.


Q: How do I enroll?

A: Choose the best option for you below. Because healing trauma is my life’s work, I wanted to make sure SafeSpace™ was accessible for everyone who needs it. That’s why you’ll see multiple different payment options available to you.  Please reach out if you have questions on the plans.


This course is certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching for CEU units


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